THE TONELUX V4 500 Series Configurations

The V4
MSRP $649.00
Self Powered,-Can Power up eight Modules
with the X4 expander!
International Universal Power Supply 425
m/amps per SLOT!
XLR Inputs and Outputs
All Steel Design, very Rugged


The V4 + the X4 Expander
MSRP $499.00
The X4 Gets its Power From the V4
XLR Inputs and Outputs for all Channels
8 Channel D-SUB Inputs and Outputs on the
X4 for both Racks
Easy to Add onto the V4


The V4 + the TX4 Expander
MSRP $499.00
Allows four Tonelux VRack Modules along
with four 500 Modules in the same rack!
Gets its Power From the V4
XLR Inputs and Outputs, Plus Bussing
from the TX4 to a Vrack
The TX4 Adds 8 Channel D-SUB Inputsand
Outputs for Both Racks

The V4 with X4 Expander, ready for eight 500 Series modules!v4x4