32 faders, 48 surround input modules, 2 Eqs, 2 Mic Pres

This is a happy man...

Peter Schmidt, owner of Ballsaal Studios in Berlin, said this about his new Tonelux system: “Having total control of my own studio, I’m able to deliver my desired quality. Tonelux is therefore a perfect solution, because of it’s transparency and musicality. Knowing the sound of things like Neve and API, I really appreciate Tonelux because it’s a bit aggressive but at the same time totally warm and clear. (I like the mids!)”

Peter called me this week to let me know again, how happy he was and that his studio is booked every day through November and he is almost full through next February.

to peter
A toast to Peter...



Ron Prent adjusts one of his surround recordings with studio assistants Kay Wäcke and Tilmann Ilse

Just a small collection of the people that visited from the PopKomm festival and area artists