Jim Adkins, lead singer and guitar player of Jimmy Eat World and their engineer, Chris Testa, who can add these guys and his list of other top acts such as the Dixie Chicks and Switchfoot,
show off the Tonelux Rack used in the new record due out soon...

 Chris had this to say:

"first checked out Tonelux strictly for the ability to blend microphones to tape.  It is a huge part of creating my sound.  After talking to Paul we added a pair of pre's and a pair of eq's. Everything sounds and works beautifully.  The MX2 line inputs and FX2+ aux masters have great headroom and you can calibrate the FX2+'s to your specifications. 
The mic pre's are clear and transparent, yet full bodied.  I'm a big fan of pre's that don't have too much color.

Capturing the real sound, undistorted by mic pre color is what I prefer and the Tonelux pre's give me that.  We've used on drums, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and vocals. 

The EQ's are very warm, yet specific.  I don't hear any weird phasing or pointed sounds.   Its very easy to hone in on something sweeping through the frequencies.  They never sound harsh.  Using Tonelux has made working at a non-traditional studio a better experience than working in a expensive studio while still having all the conviences of a regular console. 

Plus....Paul's a pretty f**king funny guy and I like talking to him."