Greg Wurth, producer and engineer at L.A.'s Mothership Studio and Patigonia Studio is amazed at what Tonelux does for his mixes.
"I find myself using them for everything, they just work! If I can get such an impact from the units I have now, I can't wait to get my hands on some more!"

"I use the EQ5P on everything from tracking, to mixing, even the stereo buss and it blows me away every time.  There is something truly magical going on within the circuitry. It's a privilege to have Tonelux in my rack."

"I used the EQ5P while recording Jeremy Colson (drummer for Steve Vai, Billy Idol) and we're both extremely pleased with the results.  These EQ's have a big sound and allow you to really shape the tones you have in your head.  Thank you for making these awesome EQ's!"

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Audio sample -Steve Vai "The Moon and I" used with permission, from Steve Vai The Story of Light

© Steve Vai, all rights reserved

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