24 MX2s, 4 FX2+, SM2 and CR2.  32 channels in 6U...

Experienced producer/engineer, Pete Min has quite a list of products:

Commercials for: COKE, Snapple, Milk, Hummer II, Sony, UPS, etc.
Performed with: Hangin’ with MTV (house band guitar), Debbie Harry- US+EU tour, Jewel- Letterman/Tonight Show
Writing/co-writing: Travis Pickle, Dori Hartley (Sopranos), Spy Groove (MTV)
Recordings: Frank Bango, Longwave, Ivy and Orion, to name a few.

Pete recently emailed me and told me this:

"I got into recording through being a guitar player. I was always the guy in the band who wanted to know what was going on in the studio, so I ended up getting a four track, 8-track fostex, 8-track otari, tascam da-88’s and finally protools (logic). Eventually, I ended up with a pile of gear due to my case of gas (gear acquisition syndrome) and started recording outside bands. 

I’ve been recording outside bands in earnest since 1997. My pile of gear has gotten more and more focused. I tend to buy gear, use it and figure out which pieces will make my life easier. Gear that makes my life easier stays, other gear goes on ebay. One thing I’ve noticed using pro tools, is that my mixes are much better when I use pro tools as a tape deck/editor and summing occurs outside of the box as i can mix much faster and the mixes tend to be much better sounding. It helps that I have a bunch of really nice outboard gear as well.

The TONELUX console rocks, as the features that are on the board make complete sense and there’s no superfluous bells and whistles. It’s also great that I can build the console gradually. When I win lotto, more line inputs, busses and auxes will come. Paul has been very diligent in his desire to make my console hassle free. There were a couple of issues and he sorted them out right away. Best of all, the console sounds huge, top to bottom. It has made my life easier! Big bottom, clear midrange and open top end. Mixes are getting better and better."

24 MX2s, 4 FX2+, SM2 and CR2.  32 channels in 6U...