The MX5.1

The MX5.1 Mixer is a SURROUND mono input line mixer with many features of a large frame console.  The MX5.1 has a unique MUTE circuit that when pressed, the LED turns RED, but when the module is ON, the LED serves as a level presence indicator, illuminating green to show signal presence.  There is a PB board selector jumper to choose between PRE (factory standard) and POST for the level led. This is very useful in live recording when you need to know quickly if a channel has signal or which has the loudest signal on it.  It is also perfect for identifying which channel has the Kick and which has the Snare, etc.

The MX5.1 uses the proprietary all discrete TX-240 op-amp and with the transformer option, the all discrete TX-260 output stage.

The SOLO button is both a AFL or PFL, allowing both functions to be selected globally in the Control Room Section.  Keep in mind that the AFL Solo function only works when the "5.1" button is IN and something is panned to the front. For soloing without the MX5.1 assigned to the 5.1 Bus, change the CR2 to "SOLO PFL". It is more desirable to use the DAW or ShadowMix Solo In Place function with surround mixing.

The "OUTPUT" of the V-Rack is at a -2dBu nominal unbalanced level with the MX5.1, and with the "D" option, the direct output transformer feeds the direct output at a nominal level of +4dBu and is balanced.

The FADER knob is the channel fader, with the ability to insert an external fader from the rear panel to be used with a passive external fader of the Tonelux ShadowMix automation system.

The Surround Pan circuit is a true LCR panner with the -3 dB points at 10 O'Clock and 2 O'Clock. It pans from only Left to only Center to only Right. In the STEREO PAN mode, the phantom center image is identical to the LCR Center image, allowing switching from a surround mix to a stereo mix with ease and accuracy.

The INSERT button can act as a balanced insert for outboard equipment, or it can be used as a MIC PRE/TAPE PLAY switch for live recording to check the mic pre output and then the output of the machine for confidence checks or post recording playback without re patching anything.

The Polarity switch is a standard phase inverter for the main signal path.

The 5.1 switch turns on the signal to the surround bus, allowing the module to send signal to the aux sends without going to the surround bus.

The LCR button switches the PAN pot from stereo to LCR, and pans from left, through center, to right, or in 2 channel stereo, allowing phantom center.

The 2 sends are internally configurable for PRE or POST fader signal.  One of the sends can be used as the LFE send for Surround Mixes. 

The MX5.1 has an optional DIRECT transformer output.

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