An excerpt from Tim's interview:
"I have 24 channels of Tonelux in a VRack. I absolutely love it - it sounds pehnomenal. I have kick, snare, backing vocals, percussion and whatever outputs set up on the Tonelux rig....I love the Tonelux EQs... The(TXC) compressors have the mix blend control, which I really love."




At the first annual Tech Expo at SAE, Paul Wolff arranged to have Erin Alden sing while accompanied by Bob Olive on guitar. Erin sang through a Manley Gold mic through a VOX
BOX, and Bob played through two Studio Projects C4 mics through two Tonelux MP5A mic press with TILT, and two Tonelux TX5C compressors as a stereo pair. We used a Studio Projects CS1 as a room mic. All this went through a TOFT ATB 24 console into a pair of TRIDENT HG3 studio monitors. They performed throughout the day, showing a live demonstration of all of the above equipment in a live situation. Many students and audio people stopped in and were able to mingle with some well known professionals like Ken Scott, Ryan Hewitt, Peter Doell, Ron Saint Germain, Candice Stewart (East West) and Paul Camarata (Sunset Sound) to name a few.


Engineer, producer, mixer and CEO of Breath of Life Records Tony Shepperd shares his experience with the Tonelux VSeries modules in his studio, the Mix Factory.
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  Russ Long reviews the 500 Series V4 rack in Pro Audio Review
Review of the 500 series chassis, the V4 launches in new window (PDF)

EM reviewer Craig Anderton wines and dines some fine 500 series modules, and find that the EQ5P and TX5C are delicacies!
  tx5c eq5p
Review of the TX5C and EQ5P (PDF launches in new window)



Engineer and mixer Ryan Hewitt discusses his latest adventures with the Avett Brothers and Flogging Molly.
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Tonelux announces the release of the OTB16 sixteen channel summing mixer!

Series 500


Composer, producer, and engineer Brad Wood finds Tonelux is a vital element to his recording process.
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The Tilt


The TILT 8 channel tilt box with polarity switches and the famous TILT control.  Perfect for a quick
8 channels of EQ on Drums, Room, Audience, WHATEVER YOU NEED FAST!