Engineer and mixer Ryan Hewitt discusses his latest adventures with the Avett Brothers and Flogging Molly.
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Ryan has been using Tonelux for some time now, check out this ad from Pro Sound News, April '06

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Ryan Hewitt is the engineer and mixer for artists such as Flogging Molly, the Avett Brothers, Alkaline Treo, Blink 182, Ben Lovett and shown above, mixing Red Hot Chili Peppers.

With a family history that covers decades and a personal family friend, I have known Ryan for years.  He was taught by the best in the industry, shown the proper way to make a record and can apply his experiences to so many new artists.  His records have a quality that can only come from decades of experience, unless you grew up around it continuously.  Recently hearing what he is doing, I can only say that "it sounds like a record".

This is what Ryan says about TONELUX:

"These EQs are my new favorites! they have the warmth of classic modules combined with the clarity and precision to make a whole new sound.  Unsurpassed on drums, great on vocals."

"They'll knock your d*** off!"

After his first audition of TONELUX:

"Dudes! That EQ blew me away last weekend!"

The following week, the Peppers did a "mix-off" where engineers submit a mixed song or two and they chose the mixer from the test mixes.  The decision was made because they said "...they were bigger sounding and more exciting"

photo © 2006 Sarah Simon

Ryan demos the Tonelux gear for some fellow GearSlutz, StrykeBack and D'Kowmashev.