The New Series 78 Console

The New Series 78 Console



We have been putting a lot of time over the past year and a half into making a new Trident console.

This new console needed to be unmistakably Trident in sound, quality, and features. We are very proud of what has come together so far. Our beta board has gone together exceptionally well, with only 2 minor changes to implement for production. Which should be starting in the next few months.

As with any console, it needs to meet the needs of the studio. No exceptions. To meet the rising demand for analog mixing this new console has been designed to efficiently mix in any studio setting, and is mechanically laid out for a fast work flow while maintaining a full analog signal path.

We chose a smaller footprint for this console and trimmed the feature set of the Series 88 as our launching point. From the start it was our goal to make a console that would be more obtainable to the majority of studios looking to expand to or even replace existing analog mixing solutions. While still maintaining the core of a fully featured analog recording console.